Releasing Reference Manager (Beta) For Word 2007

Update: Made it to Github: Read about Reference Manager open source project over here

Note: Based on the popular support and feedback I have recieved in last 3 years, I have decided to revive the project and also make it open source so that we can start addressing bugs and other issues. I will definitely make all the code available by the end of April in whatever state it is. If you know ruby and interested in getting involved, please contact me and I can share the details and my plan. 

What is Reference Manager ?

Reference Manager is an “Add-in” for Word 2007 that enhances Word 2007’s inbuilt bibliography feature. It essentially makes it possible to import and export articles using standard formats such as BibTex, RIS, etc. Currently, Reference Manager has four features:

1. Import from Website: Given a URL, this utility will automatically pull all the reference details. Check below for the list of compatible websites

2. Import from text file: If you have citations in BibTex, RIS or any other standard format, use this utility to import your citations into word.

3. Export: Export references in Bibtex and other standard formats

4. Search & Import: Search and import new articles. Currently, search functionality is limited to Memento Search. Thus, it can only retrieve those articles that are present on Memento

Checkout the  video to learn more about reference manager add-in

To download, click here

Is Reference Manager free?
Yes, Referece Manager is complete free. I developed this tool mainly to streamline my thesis writing process. I am so used to word that I wasn’t able to adopt any other writing tool such as LaTex. However, lack of ability to import articles made my life a hell. Finally, last month, I decided to write this add-in.

What are the system requirements to install this add-in

1. Internet – Reference manager calls Memento, an online bibliography manager, to import and export articles. Essentially, all the back-end process is done by the Memento server and the Reference Manager (or Memento) add-in simply provides a nice interface to integrate Word 2007 and Memento’s web-service.
2. Windows XP or Vista – I don’t know whether you can *.exe file on Mac
3. Microsoft Word 2007 or later – Of-coure !.  🙂

How to Install
I don’t have any other windows machine than my development machine. Hence, I can’t guarantee that installation will work perfectly. Try it and let me know if you are having any problem. I can, then, work on getting a cleaner installation file. In general, the installation process should be simple.

1. Download the zip file from here
2. Unzip the downloaded file and place it at some secure place such as under your documents folder.
3. Click on setup.exe. Depending on your system’s configuration, you might also have to install VSTO 2008. In any case, the setup.exe will report any problems. Just follow them. Also, if you find any problem, please let me know so that I can take appropriate actions so that other users won’t have to deal with the same problem.
4. Once everything is install properly, Open Word and check if there is a “Memento” tab or not. If there is, you are good to go. Enjoy

List of Compatible Websites


About Ritesh Agrawal

I am a applied researcher who enjoys anything related to statistics, large data analysis, data mining, machine learning and data visualization.
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115 Responses to Releasing Reference Manager (Beta) For Word 2007

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  3. Mohamed says:

    How can one make one’s webiste compatible with your Reference Manager?

  4. ragrawal says:

    If a website can provide bibliographic details such as author, journal, etc in BibTex or RIS format, then I can easily add that website in the list of compatible website. Currently, there is not automated way to add a website, but I am thinking of it.

  5. wdhollings says:

    Just tried installing RefManager. Seemed to install okay…but no Memento tab appeared in Word (even after restarting Word).

    I went to the Word options and looked up Add-ins. RefManager appeared in list of Inactive Add-ins. Selected Manage COM Add-ins, where it appeared deselected. When I tried to select it, a generic “an error occured on loading” error appeared. So…I tried removing it by clicking the Remove buddon in the COM Add-ins dialog box.

    RefManager is now missing from the list of Add-Ins, but when I try to reinstall from your setup-exe, I get a result “The latest version of this customization is already installed”.

    How do I either uninstall and reinstall, or get Word to see this Add-In again?



  6. Samuel Lambert says:

    Just want to say, thank you for this application. Very very useful !
    There’s a bug with Endnote X2 and word 2007, so the “cite while you write” doesn’t work. Your application will save me a lot of time.

  7. Dr Myron Schultz says:

    Hi, My name is Dr Myron Schultz and I have just installed Reference manager. Thank you.

    After installing it, which appeared to go successfully I could not find the ‘Momento’ tab. Either I am missing it, or it did not install correctly. Please assist me.

  8. Mohsen says:

    I can’t install it,
    when Setup download 2 package and begin to setup it, installation doesn’t progress any more.

  9. pHi says:

    i a writing my thesis too, and your utility seems great. i’m testing it right now, and so far, so good. i used to convert my bibtex entries with jabref, but having something right into word is far more convenient. thanks a lot for your precious work.
    by the way, here is an idea for further dev : i use, a web based database for managin my bibliography (there is bibsonomy, in the same flavor)), and besides bibtex and risit provides rss feeds of one’s library. i think it would be very convenient to be able to subscribe to such a feed in your software, to have a fully automated citation database. as it’s rss, i think it’s easyer to parse than bibtex. anyway, just an idea…
    again, thanks a lot for your work

    • ragrawal says:


      you mean a rss feed within word, so you can select articles from it. I liked the idea. Meanwhile I am working on building a universal search engine that will be part of my tool. This search will take your search query adn look for related articles across different websites such as ingenta, blackwell, google scholar, hotwire..I am planning to release by next month.
      Also I liked your idea and will try to roll out that feature too in my next release

  10. Bruno says:

    I m getting the following error: the underlying connection was closed.
    I m getting that error in: “Import from text”

  11. Gustavo says:

    Thank you very much for releasing this software, it has been extremely useful in my thesis writing. Regards from a Brazilian in Finland.

  12. Kurt says:

    Thanks for the software it has saved lots of time. Importing ~200 references for a thesis.

    I have been using import from text file. It works well except for non-english characters such as “ä”. The characters display properly in notepad when I copy the bibtex. They also display properly once pasted in the import box. But in the bibliography it shows as “ä”. Im using manage sources to correct the entries one by one. Is there a workaround?

    A feature recommendation: Add a button for import from clipboard. When using the import from text file feature I always copy and paste to the text box. Import from clipboard could automatically pull the info from the clipboard without having to click in the text box, click paste and hit ok. Not a big deal but it would save a few seconds.

    A fix for some other posters: I was having trouble with the tab showing up. Installing the Interop package first solved the problem for me.

  13. Alv Marenco says:

    I tried to install the Add-in and unfortunately Word can not load the add-ins at startup. It seems to me that Word 2007 does not recognize the path as:
    file///c:/whateverDir\RefereceManager.vsto is located.
    I think that is where the problem is – Normally it would be:
    Any suggestions? I was able to run setup flawlessly and do have the latest VSTO tool installed.

    BTW, I have EndNote installed, any possble conflict from that end?

  14. Alv Marenco says:

    Hello Ritesh,

    A successful installation. It did work and now I have the Memento tab. I really appreciate it. I will give you any feedback if anything comes up after using it.




  15. Chris says:

    Thanks for the addin, works brilliantly saves me time from typing each and every reference in word manually.
    Though, I have noticed that when importing using website option or the text option (Bibtex as well as others), the addin is not importing the information regarding the conference proceeding or journal name.
    Please Help.

    • ragrawal says:

      Hi Chris,

      This is because acm.portal uses short form for journal and conference name. Let me know if I am wrong. I will also make sure that I am not making any mistake.

  16. Chris says:

    Any thought about my previous message. Missing conference proceedings and journal names while importing into reference manager.
    Looking forward for your reply.

  17. Emanuel says:

    I had the same problem with the Memento tab not showing up (Reference Manager appeared as inactive in the list of COM-addins). Installing the Office 2007 Primary Interop Assemblies, and then uninstalling and reinstalling Reference Manager solved the problem.

  18. Sebastian B says:

    thank you for your plugin. I’m starting my thesis now and I’m sure I’ll save y lot of time with it. 🙂

    I just found out, that is one of the biggest litarature catalogs in the world (1.4 billion entries). Would it be possible to integrate it into your plugin search or your “copy from website” funcionality.

    THANKS A LOT MAN! Greetings from Germany

  19. Cory says:

    Not sure if you’re still supporting this add-on, but if you are I have a question with regards to importing citations from pubmed (pretty much all I use).

    Ideally, I’d like to be able to import citations one at a time using the web address for the article in pubmed, but as of right now when I try to do this, I get one of two errors.

    If I copy the whole address as it appears in the browser when I find an article on pubmed, It just times out. eg:

    If I delete the ? and everything after it, which still references the article on pubmed, I get a “Unable to find Record ID” error message.

    I know pubmed recently underwent a cosmetic update, not sure if that may have affected this add-ons functionality. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

    • ragrawal says:

      I just tried importing article from the pubmed link you provided and the add-on was able to import article without any problem. One thing, the add-on uses a web-service in order to import articles. So make sure that you are connected to the internet.

      • Lourain says:

        Hi Ragrawal,

        I have the same problem as Cory. When I try to import the link of Cory it works just fine, but when I do that with my own link (also from PubMed) I get the same error (Unable to find Record ID).
        I don’t know if it has something to do the with the type of browser or the fact that you have to be signed in to the journal as well.
        Hope you can help me..

  20. v says:

    Hello, Great feature. I would like to know if I can change the output styles and if I can add new styles.
    Many thanks!!

  21. Tom Jacks says:

    You sir are an absolute legend of a man.

    Nuff respect due


  22. Arif says:

    Hi Ritesh

    I tried to import bibliography from ACM, but refmanager refused to import, I get an error to invalid URL.
    Any suggestions

  23. biology phd student says:

    Thank you very much. I spend already many hours searching a tool to use JabRef directly in Word 2007 and nothing worked. Your tool works. It is awesome!

    However I d like to use the Am Nat (American Naturalist) style in Word 2007. Is there something like a plug in for that? Now I use Chicago style, but it s not the same so I ll have to correct a lot by hand.

  24. Jeff Tilson says:

    I installed the plugin without problem. However, when I try to export citations from a word doc to bibtex ( or other formats) , most of the fields are empty ( year, pages, etc). These entries certainly are in the original citation that is part of the “managed citations”. Is this a configuration issue?


    • Lee says:

      Hi, same here. I’d been looking for some software to extract my Word Library into Medeley, which I’m now using instead, in this appeared to offer the perfect solution, but in practice misses many of the fields, as noted above.

      Installed great though, thanks.

  25. Sock says:

    Hi, I’m not sure if you’re still supporting this, but I’m having trouble getting the zip file. The archive is being labelled as damaged by both windows and WinRar. Is there an alternative location I could download it from as it looks incredibly useful!


  26. kapil says:

    Hi man,
    I like the tool, but it was not working for me as it want to download some files from the net and said the server is not responding. But regarding some features, please see a mozila addd on named as ZOTERO, it works and is as good as any professional reference software, like END-NOTE or REFERENCE MANAGER.

  27. Dear Ritesh Agrawal,

    Thank you for your work on the Reference Manager add-in. However, it does not seem to work for me. Installation is fine, and the memento tab comes up. But when I want to insert a citation, it gives the error

    ‘The remote server returned an error: 417’

    I try to insert the following citation:

    title = “Heavy metal removal within pilot-scale constructed wetlands receiving river water contaminated by confined swine operations”,
    journal = “Desalination”,
    volume = “249”,
    number = “1”,
    pages = “368 – 373”,
    year = “2009”,
    note = “”,
    issn = “0011-9164”,
    doi = “DOI: 10.1016/j.desal.2008.11.025”,
    url = “”,
    author = “T.Y. Yeh and C.C. Chou and C.T. Pan”,
    keywords = “Constructed wetland”,
    keywords = “Heavy metals”,
    keywords = “Translocation”,
    keywords = “Bioavailability”

    In Bibtex format. Can you help me?



    • Lorena says:

      It worked for me once, now I keep on getting the following error: ‘The remote server returned an error: 417′

      Any ideas?

      • Lorena says:

        I´ve found out that Memento throws this error if Internet Explorer internet settings are wrong.
        problem solved!

  28. Lakshmanan R says:

    Simply great. Thanks a ton

  29. sslawson says:

    I am getting an error with “from webiste” using amazon saying “currently only books can be imported from Amazon”. I have tried a number of different books and I keep getting the same thing. Am I doing something wrong here.

    • ragrawal says:

      Hi sslawson,

      I will need to look at the code. It might be possible that my script is not able to extract amazon unique id number from your url. Can you send me some test urls that are not working.

  30. Sebastian says:

    Yeah!!! This saved me so much time writing my thesis. THANKS!!!

  31. Jack says:

    Wow, this is great – you’re my new favorite person on the internet! How ’bout a virtual high-five? Yeah

  32. scott says:

    Hi, this looks promising, but I cannot get Word 2010 Beta to recognize it after install?

    Any tips?

  33. TJ says:

    This add-on is entirely different from the commercial software by the same name, yes?

  34. Basti says:


    I just installed your add-on and had high hopes for it saving me a lot of time and my fingers a lot of writing.
    But as give it links from pubmed – the only database I use, I always get the error “Unable to find Record ID” – for example with this url:
    Can you please tell me, what is wrong?

  35. Priyaranjan says:

    I am having a deadline to finish my draft for the thesis and came across your article. The plugin was very useful. Thank you.

  36. Jose says:

    Hi, great Add-in

    I have problem with special characters in spanish references
    For Example:

    is imported as Investigación

    The correct is Investigación

    Can I change in any way the characters set?


  37. Puneet says:


    I am behind a proxy i need to give authentication to enalbe the memento to download the refernces..

    But i dont know how…Please send the reply to my mail..


  38. Puneet says:

    i forgot..the error shown was 407…

  39. Dennis says:

    Hi Ritesh

    Many thanks for developing and publishing this powerful tool.
    Although there are papers/ articles published on certain websites you suggest (e.g. Springer Link) the plugin does nout find them… What is the reason for this? Does each and every article have to be added manually to be found by yout tool?

    Thanks for a short response.


  40. Sean says:

    Is this the same add in as available from the Memento website?

  41. Dan says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for, though I’m on a Mac. Would it be possible to receive a copy of the source? I’m interested in porting the application for cross-platform support of Office 2011 for Mac.

  42. George says:

    Is it only me, or the manager has stop working?
    I only get errors the last 3 days. Is the server that processes the requests too loaded?
    Can I run my own server, and configure the word add-on to use my server?


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  44. Clair says:

    thanks! this is a wicked plugin ritesh. works great. makes my life so much easier without costing a fortune.

  45. Iain says:

    This looks very good. But like SSlawson above I get the following error using amazon: “currently only books can be imported from Amazon”. Were you able to resolve this and how? On pages wtih no books, it says no Amazon book code, but where there are books it just says the above. Thank you in advance.


    • ragrawal says:

      hi lain,

      Yes, currently the tool can only import books from amazon and other scholarly publications from the listed website. It looks for a specific url pattern and if that pattern is not found it returns an error. I developed this tool while working on my PhD. Since then I haven’t really kept it up-to-date. And I do intent to make it open source so that others can improve/enhance it. However, just it never became a priority. But I guess now I make it a priority.

      • Iain says:

        I’m a little confused. You are saying it does work with Amazon [“can only import books from amazon”] but even with using various URLs by approaching the Amazon search facility from different directions it did not work.
        It always oddly states ” currently only books can be imported from Amazon”, I am, of course, trying to import a book.

        In addition, I then tried to use Google books (another site you listed as working for your programme) but it responded with an error alert, that it could not find an XRML.

        Is there something wrong with the downloading for my computer. Or in the alternative, are Google Books and Amazon Books not working (any longer)?

        Thanks in advance. It looks a great tool for my thesis, if I could just get it to work.


  46. belidzs says:

    working great!! thanks!

  47. Gautam says:

    Installation succesful but when I pasted bibtex source from JABref to import from text file. it says following error occured
    ‘remote server returned error(407) proxy authentication required;

  48. keamas says:

    Hi Great Software. Can you develope a Mac Version too ?
    And I have Problems with special Characters ÄÖÜ ….. and Bibtex can you fix it ??

  49. Reinhard says:

    This Word plugin is truly a great help and time saver for my paper writing. I used to have to manually create and edit bibliography sources in Word. Now I just copy a BibTeX citation into the plugin and it does the rest. Great work, thank you!

  50. Jason says:

    I really like and appreciate this functionality. If you’d like any help in maintaining or bug fixes (I’d especially like to fix the international characters bug), drop me a line at my gmail account: g753412698.

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  52. Normally I don’t read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice post.

  53. Tim says:

    I get a “HTTP Error 407 Proxy authentication required” message. can you add a “use proxy” checkbox, I would appreciate it. (I use the company’s server, not a direct line like many people).
    The software sounds like the solution to my problems! Thanks for making it available.

    I know nothing about code, but I saw this somewhere;

    DataSet myds = new DataSet();
    //Set the system proxy with valid server address or IP and port.
    System.Net.WebProxy pry = new System.Net.WebProxy(“”,8080);
    //The DefaultCredentials automically get username and password.
    pry.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;
    GlobalProxySelection.Select = pry;
    myds.ReadXml(“”, XmlReadMode.Auto);
    this.GridView1.DataSource = myds.Tables[2];

  54. This is great. I bought Endnote but found it too complicated!

    I realised that Word 2007 has citation management but did not like the idea of having to typing into the field. Your software imports citations really well.

    Now I am stuggling with cb2bib, FreeCite, ParsCit in an attemp to convert word and pdf bibliographies into an importable form.

    I hope that you do make this open source because otherwise it will not get updated and memento will change its api.

  55. Has anyone got this working with word 2010?

  56. Can anyone confirm that it does not work with 2010?

  57. What can be done to encourage the author to make this open source so that Word 2010 is supported?

    • Rob says:

      It works fine with 2010 for me. Have you tried it yet?

    • ragrawal says:

      Hi Timothy,

      I think you convinced me to make Reference Manager open source. I have put it on github and you can read more about it on my blog. I still have to do documentation so others can start developing it but I am looking forward for lot of help from you and others. I hope you will be interested in contributing to this project.


      • timtak says:

        Dear Ritesh

        Thank you very much indeed. I am glad that you have put it on github. I found your project to be excellent and the easiest to use of all those that I have tried. I will continue to recommend it to students. I teach a group of students from Bangladesh who were very pleased to find your software.

        However in the meantime, convinced of the merits of citation management software, I have moved to zotero because it has more power in the notes, indexing, and tagging area afaik. Memento has advantages in that is is easier to use and interfaces with the MS Word citation management system. I think that MS will gradually increase the power of the citation management system in Word. I think that for most post-grad students memento may be the answer.

        As the MS Word citation management system improves (I fear Endnotes days are numbered!) and since Microsoft are not generally into providing content, I think, it will be the Internet/content side of your system that gradually becomes important,

        So maybe if you can develop your site ( ) too, then Memento may one day overtake zotero! It seems to me that Menderly and Citeulike are getting so popular due to their attention to the sharing side of citation (such as the love-fm type suggestion features of Menderly) which appears to be a little weaker at Zotero right now in my humble opinion.

        Again, IMHO, it will be the best *Web interface to Word* (the citation system site with the most content that interfaces to the MS Word citation management system) that wins in the end.

        Anyway, thanks again for great software. I will be watching but alas since I have moved on, I will not be able to help out for the time being. I apologize and live in the hope that Memento attracts me back!




  58. George Petasis says:

    Why, is the extension not working in Word 2010?
    I have been using it inside word 2010 for two years now. In fact, I use it for entering all the references for my PhD thesis. It had some problems with some fields, but most of the info was there. I was using only the Bibtex support though, I don’t know about the rest.

    • Tim says:

      Sorry, I meant to write that last comment as a reply to George Petasis.

      Thank you. I don’t have word 2010 but my students do, and I was worried that it did not work in 2010 because someone above in these comments said that it did not work for them and they were using 2010. But if you say it is working in 2010 I believe you. Great. I am loving it in 2007.

  59. Tim says:

    Thank you. I don’t have word 2010 but my students do, and I was worried that it did not work in 2010 because someone above in these comments said that it did not work for them and they were using 2010. But if you say it is working in 2010 I believe you. Great. I am loving it in 2007.

  60. Sébastien says:

    Merci beaucoup.

  61. Tim says:

    Realizing the joys of a citation manager, I start to think that I should use one that will be supported, and has more flexibility, particularly allowing me to make notes on citations and bundle them together.

    This makes me think I should use Zotero, but the export functionality of memento only takes author title and date and not journal (that is one of the reasons why one might wish that this great software is still being supported).

    I am not really sure what to do. Is the memnto site also run by Ritesh Agrawal too? Is he likely to want to keep paying for the bandwidth?

    The plugin for Firefox is not compatible with later versions.

  62. Tim says:

    Sorry, no, I was wrong.

    The export does work. It does not show the journal in the export screen, but it in fact exports the journal name properly to the the Bibtex file. This means that if I don’t want to use Memento any more I can move to Zotero or what not.

    It would be great to have a forum to exchange ideas with “the community,” now that the great Dr. Ritesh Agrawal is no longer so involved.

  63. Tim says:

    Alas I have decided to leave Memento. Memento awakened in my the realisation of the convenience of a citation manager for which I will remain forever grateful. But the lack of support or a forum whereby users might support each other proved to be too lonely!

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  65. Rob says:

    I had it working on Word 2010 and then I installed the most recent updates and now momento doesn’t work. It gives garbled info from the bibtex.

    Anyone else had this issue?

  66. This is an excellent add-in for MS Word. Thanks indeed for providing this for free!!

  67. George Petasis says:

    Hi all,
    I used it for my PhD thesis, in Word 2010, and indeed saved me alot of time.
    However, there some bugs in it, and some bibtex fields are not parsed correctly.
    It will be nice if the current source code was released as open source (i.e. in sourceforge), so as corrections can be made. Perhaps I can help making improvements, if I can get access to the code.

    • ragrawal says:

      Hi George,

      Thanks for the suggestion/feedback. I stopped working on this project long back but based on the comments/feedback I have been recieving, I am planning to put it on github and also start actively developing. Do you have experience in CakePHP because the server side code is based on PHP and uses CakePHP for webservice handling.

      • George Petasis says:

        Not much in CakePHP (or PHP), but I have done simple stuff in PHP (like jooumla plugins, simple UIs is yii, a few pages in Zend, etc.). I don’t think that it will be difficult to handle also CakePHP.

  68. I really have to say I really adore your site, the way you write is fantastic!

  69. Tristan says:

    Thanks a lot for this software, you did a great job!
    I only have trouble using the url feature, I never successed with it. I tried on several websites from the ones listed above, but it did not work. Am I doing something wrong? I juste made the same than in the video…
    Nonetheless, the text-file feature works well, so it’s not that a big issue.

  70. peter waweru says:

    i have been using this wonderful add in for the last 3 mths but today i got this message; an unexpected error occured; remote server returned an error (407) proxy authentication required. what do i do now? i am using google chrome as my browser which i have always used. I am at my wits end and reaaalllly frustrated. please help

  71. Parfait Tokponnon says:

    it sounds to be a good tool but i have a problem during installation;
    it is broken, due to dotnetfx3.5. my version of dotnet is 4. How can i fix it without replacing my version 4 by an older version 3.5

  72. Isaac Koomson says:

    Its a very nice software and has really come to make life easy. Thanks a lot.
    Can u please make the video downloadable. Or please, if possible, provide a pdf user guide so we can learn how to use it by reading?

  73. Silvia says:

    Hello….I changed to Office 2013 and I cannot installed it….there is an error…help…I need this!!

    • Hi Silvia

      Sorry to hear that the tool is t working in the new version of office. Word has changed significantly and I am not managing the tool anymore. I developed during my PHD and made all the source code publicly available so that someone else can maintain it. If I have time I will look at it. Are you getting any error message?

      • Silvia says:

        Hello Ritesh…thank you for answering..!!!…yes….there is an error….at the moment it says that it cannot be installed because is already installed…I tried so many times to install it that I think I did it….but when I try to uninstall and reinstall…I cannot find it….and when I open words 2013 I cannot find it either… :s

  74. Silvia says:

    Hey….Seeing you answer brought me luck..!!!…I finally found out that the add in was not activated…so it was just a matter of changing an option in words menu…thank you a lot..!! This tool is a life saviour…. 😉

  75. Cool. Memento still works in 2013. There are still millions of students typing their references into Word when they could be importing Bibtex from Google Scholar or wherever using the wonderful Memento.

    • Thanks Timothy, All the above comments have been great encouragement for me. I hope to restart working on this tool again and make it little more robust and upto-date. If anyone is interested, please pitch in. I can definitely use help.

  76. I got the following error when installing because it needs the internet… but a tool such as this should not need the internet to work.

    The deployment manifest could not be downloaded because a network connection could not be established.

    From: file:///H:/Users/paresh/Downloads/Documents/RefManager/RefManager/RefereceManager.vsto

    ************** Exception Text **************
    System.TimeoutException: The deployment manifest could not be downloaded because a connection to the network could not be established. Ensure that you can connect to the network, and try again.
    at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Deployment.ClickOnceAddInDeploymentManager.GetManifests(TimeSpan timeout)
    at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Deployment.ClickOnceAddInDeploymentManager.InstallAddIn()

  77. bharatmukkala says:

    thank you so much.

  78. Trevor says:

    I have been using this for a long while now without any issues and it’s really been great. But for some reason now whenever I try to import a source I always get the error message “Unable to parse XML.” I can’t for the life of me figure what has changed or what is causing this but it happens on every computer that I try. Any thoughts?

  79. Adam Smith says:

    Great application, but I had no idea that code was hosted on a website so that it cannot work without either an internet connection (I have lots of downloaded RIS files that I could load into my reference list), or with app’s code site being up and running to convert text files. The software has not worked for about 6 weeks now but I still hate to give up on it.

  80. Silvia says:

    Hello…Ritesh…Have you found a solution to the server thing? I get an 404 error 😦

  81. Hawk Wala says:

    I wish I had found earlier as I was strugling to find something to import references in MS Word. Now the link to this file is not working. Please let me have working link to

    Thank you.
    Hawk Wala

    • Hi Hawk,
      Sorry to say that I am not supporting this tool anymore. I made it open source so that someone else interested can take over the tool. There are two components: online service that does all the conversion and word plugin. Both are available on my github.

  82. Hawk Wala says:

    I downloaded the exe file from github but it will not run on a Windows 7 x64 system. Any thoughts and suggestions?

    Hawk Wala

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