Interesting World Population Distribution Cartogram

 World Map Population Distribution

Source: WorldMapper  (Link to Map)

Geographers always find innovative ways to display geographic data and at the same time amuse people. One such map technique that I always find very interesting is cartograms.  I was just checking about India’s population and came across this cartogram.

The funniest thing was that as soon as my friend saw the above map, he compared India to a “morbidly obese person”

Some Facts about India Population (Did you know that! )

1. India’s population is 1.13 Billion
2. India’s population is 4 times America’s population and 1/3 in area
3. Every year, population almost equivalent to Australia’s population (20 million)  gets added to India (1 billion) 

 You might also want to checkout other world cartograms at WorldMapper.


About Ritesh Agrawal

I am a applied researcher who enjoys anything related to statistics, large data analysis, data mining, machine learning and data visualization.
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